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Presented by Kristin Barton,
Founder & CEO of KISO Swim School Inc.

Become a certified swim instructor through KISO Swim School. We offer two platform options for certification: Online Exclusive and Full Submersion.


Choose from Water Safety, Learn-to-Swim and Stroke Development Certifications or take all three to get your Master Certification. Make a positive impact by saving lives and teaching the best sport there is. Enroll online today!

Enroll for an online course below or complete all three to receive your Master Certification.

  • Water Adaption & Safety Certification

    Learn how to teach water adaption skills and drowning prevention techniques that could save a life

  • Foundations of Swimming  Certification

    Become a pro at instructing others to swim independently and developing the foundations of swimming

  • Stroke Development Certification

    Get a full understanding of coaching all four strokes and integrating drills for smooth progressions

Each online course takes approximately two to three hours. Certifications are automatically generated after passing the course exam. In order to sign up for the Full Submersion, which includes in-water instruction, you must pass all three course exams first. All certifications must be presented at the time of Full Submersion enrollment. 

  • Full Submersion Certification

    An extensive in-water overview of all levels and skills. Experience coaching with a hands on approach poolside in Boca Raton, Florida

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