In Florida, we know the weather can change quickly. To get updated information on the current weather conditions and class status daily, please call us and press:


  • Extension 3 for the Coconut Creek Location weather conditions and class status


Updates are made every 30 minutes contingent on the change in weather. There are three weather issues that effect class activity: Temperature, extreme winds and lightning 


During the winter months, weather can cool off. Though we operate the winter season in warm 86-88* heated pools, we feel outside temperature can affect productivity for classes. Therefore, should the outside temperature drop to 65* or below, the following programs will be cancelled: Water Adaption & Safety, Stroke Development, Swim Mobiles & Private/Semi-Private. In the event outside temperatures drop to 60* or below, the following programs will also be cancelled: Dolphin Swim Club (Masters & Youth)


In the event of rain, as long as we can see the drains of the pool, classes will be active. The kids are wet anyway :) In reference to lightning, unless the radar looks as though classes will definitely not take place, we will always try to wait up to 10 minutes into the start of each class before rescheduling. Should the weather radar show that there is no possibility classes will take place, all classes that day will be cancelled and rescheduled. The pools do have a lightning alarm, which will help aid in warnings or all clear.


Please note, when a change takes place due to weather, we appreciate you calling the phone system a head of time to avoid any inconveniences. In the event that a class must be cancelled due to weather, we will always update the phone system, send out an email blast with makeup tokens and send a voice memo. If we have clear weather over our pool and are holding classes, all absences will then count as a personal missed class. Make-up tokens must be scheduled online through iclasspro parent portal. If you need assistance, our team is here to help.

We are happy to coordinate make-up classes in the event of a weather cancellation. However, the make-up token MUST be made within 30 days of the missed class or it will expire. No exceptions.

  • To schedule a make-up class for a weather cancellation or that has been approved by the director for personal reasons, click here

In all kinds of weather, we all stick together...  


Thank you for your patience and understanding with this subject matter!


Weather Radar System used for determining class status:

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Mailing Address:

170 NE 2nd Street

PO Box #4077

Boca Raton, FL 33429-4077


Phone Number: 

(561) 232 - 2010



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