01. Enjoy Bath Time

Every day we clean off our little ones as apart of routine, but now there is even more focus on sanitizing with the Covid-19 outbreak. Our first big tip is to really try to enjoy bath time with the kiddos. Besides teaching them how to properly wash their own hands, feet and belly, you can also incorporate water safety skills. Try these fun tips when it comes to bath time each day:

  • Incorporate toys & bath bubbles for fun

  • Review water falls, pouring over face

  • Practice balloon face for 3 seconds

  • Integrate bubble blowing in a bucket

  • Practice straight leg kickers

  • Try starfish floats with parent assistance

  • Don't be afraid to splish and splash 

02. Boost Immune System

Your health should always be priority. In the middle of a pandemic though, cooking at home becomes a smarter choice. ORANGES, TURMERIC and GARLIC can be incorporated into your meals every day and boy are they delicious! Check out the massive benefits below.

Benefits of Oranges:

  • Immune Booster

  • Anti-inflammatory + Protects your cells from damage

  • 70 Milligrams of Vitamin C

  • Folate for moms and babies

Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Immune Booster & Defense

  • Targets cancer cells while sparing healthy cells

  • Anti-inflammatory, changing immune system responses

  • Eases skin conditions

Benefits of Garlic:

  • Immune Booster & Defense Superstar

  • Contains 5 mg of calcium

  • 12 mg of potassium

  • More than 100 sulfuric compounds powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

03. Sweat it Out

Social distancing means cutting out a lot of your normal routine. One thing you should not cut out though, is your opportunity to sweat it out! Utilize virtual home workouts to keep your mind and body stimulated. 

Exercise does so much for the brain and heart, stimulating blood flow and endorphins as big positive effects. Whether you are inside or in the backyard, try these fun sites for ultimate virtual workouts the entire family can engage in.

  • Staying Streamlined + Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

  • Melissa Wood Health

  • Deuce Athletics

  • Alomoves

  • Orange Theory


04. Give Thanks

This is a stressful period of everyone worldwide. To help keep life in perspective and gear your focus on the positive, we suggest writing down something you are grateful for daily. Recognizing all that you truly have changes your mindset from the negativity seen on the news. 

Here's an exercise to do with your family each day:

  1. At a family meal together, grab a colorful marker or crayon and piece of paper

  2. Think of just one thing you are thankful and more importantly why you are thankful 

  3. Share with you family

  4. Post on fridge for everyone to see daily

05. Continue Education

It's easy for routine to fly out the window amid all the chaos. A way to keep your mind stimulated and follow some structure is to continue education online and in nature. 

Whether you or your child are exploring subjects to challenge your mind, make it a habit to practice daily. Through virtual school and other online resources, it's easy to get stuck in front of a computer all day. Don't forget there is so much creative learning through nature in the backyard too.

So keep that routine going daily, mark your calendars and continue to feed your brain knowledge!

06. Set New Goals

During a state of lock down, there is a lot of time to reflect on your progress. Reviewing all aspects, from finances to health, career and performance, you can assess and create new goals.

We are already past a quarter of the year, many new year resolutions have either been or met or faded away. Given the current circumstances, setting new goals will help keep a positive outlook on the future and allow you to create a realistic game plan moving forward. Focus on these new goals will also help distract from the negativity we are hearing nearly every day. 

So your phone notepad or a pen and paper. Let's set those goals and shine a new light on our future!

07. Learn a New Skill

With much more time stuck inside at home, this is a period to utilize learning a new skill. Whether it's cooking with your kiddos, table tennis or speaking a different language, working on something new can be a wise use of time. 

Hopefully, you and your family have been able to establish some type of daily structure or routine. A great way to emphasize this with new skills, is by scheduling days each week to work on these. 

Integrating a new skill will not only provide more creativity and challenge, it will also help with a positive focus on new goals. So brainstorm some skill sets you would like to master and get to it!

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