KISO Swim School has proudly been in business for over five years, serving our communities of Broward and Palm Beach. Until the latter part of 2020, the company operated out of private schools for a diverse range of private, group and club swim programs. Additionally, our unique Swim Mobiles have always been a great complimentary program for our members.


Fast forward to present day, KISO Swim School now has a sole focus and investment on the Swim Mobile Program. Restructuring the business to accommodate to the world's environment, while still providing swimming education to the community is a priority. The highly popular Swim Mobile Program is a service that brings professional coaching to your own home, community, hotel or gym pool. Whether the goal is water safety, learn-to-swim, technique work or to train for an event, we have the top elite coaching team to help you succeed! 

KISO Swim Mobiles cater to all ages and ability levels looking for private or semi-private lessons at their own pool, on their own time schedule. This service is always in high demand for quality coaching at competitive pricing. KISO Swim Mobile Coaches have thorough experience in the sport of swimming and are required to go through our extensive course curriculum training, in addition to maintaining current safety certifications and updated background screening. This is the ultimate learning platform for convenience, privacy and individualized focus.

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It is our mission to create happier, healthier and safer communities through the sport of swimming.


We aim to create a global platform that educates the public on water safety, the foundations of swimming and the most effective stroke mechanics. Through marketing, updated research and networking, we will make an impact felt everywhere.

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