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Stroke Development

We are always keeping our curriculum current with new research and are excited to offer our members the most effective teaching methods for success. Below are the levels of the Stroke Development Program, each of which are catered to the needs of that ability. The coaches are constantly assessing skills of the client and updating the tracking in our system, which you may find under your account. Once an individual has successfully passed all skills of a level, they are marked as passed and given a certificate of completion. 

Stingrays Level

Level 5

Average Age Range:

4 - 7 years old

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This level integrates levels 4 & 5 of the progression chart, moving into the fundamentals of independent body control and the foundation of Freestyle kicking and pulling. Bi-lateral breathing to the side is a strong focus while maintain proper head & body position. Backstroke and Butterfly kick are also integrated. Average age is 4 - 7 years old, but not restricted to those ages.

Skills Taught: Kicking Independently, proper head/body position, Freestyle arm pull, breathing bi-laterally to the side, Backstroke kick and Butterfly kick

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Big Fish Level

Level 6

Average Age Range:


5 - 12 years old

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This class is the top level of our technique classes, to prep children for competitive swimming team. It is very detailed with Freestyle mechanics, Backstroke and Breaststroke technique. Level 6 of the progression chart is a broad spectrum, teaching more complex freestyle drills, as well as implementing the progressions of backstroke. The Breaststroke kick and pull is a large portion of the learning at this level. Flip turns and racing starts are also introduced.


Skills Taught: Freestyle mechanics, Backstroke head/body position, Backstroke pull & push, Breaststroke kick, Breaststroke arm pull and flip turns

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Dolphin Level

Level 7

Average Age Range:


7 years old & up

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This level is the top of our technique classes, to prep children for racing skills. This includes an overview of Butterfly, as well as teaching more complex drills for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Video analysis is integrated as well as flip turns, open turns and race starts. 

Skills Taught: Propulsion mechanics for all four legal strokes, race starts and flip turns

What Our Clients Say

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Carolina Dickson


My 15 month old son had a great time learning from Coach Kara! He is more comfortable in the water now. Coach Kristin, the owner of the small business is very friendly and a pleasure to interact with. Looking forward to doing more classes in the future!