Water Safety Talking Points

Water Safety is a very serious topic, as drowning is one of the most common reasons for death within young children.


Drowning can happen in a just matter of seconds and can happen in places, such as your home, where you never expect it to. This is why knowing both the facts and the rules is so important!

Whenever a child is near water, it is crucial that they are being supervised. The supervisor should not be distracted, such as texting or on the phone, and the child should be within reach.

Safety Measures through the house should also be considered. Fences around the pool, blocking off any small ponds or fountains, and making sure the child cannot access areas such as the tub in the bathroom on their own.

Proactive Swim Lessons

Because of how common drowning is, children as young as 6 months old should be put into swim classes in order to get them acclimated to the water and pool. Just being comfortable in the water and knowing the basic swimming skills could be the difference in life in death for that child. Too many people rely on water wings, which will ultimately hurt the child in the end!

Having an educated swim instructor is extremely important. Whether it is with KISO, or a neighboring school, it is important to get your child into some sort of class!

If you are interested in our swim programs, we would love to help you get your swim journey started! All of our class information and booking appointments are available here on our website!

Water Safety Education - Respect For the Water

Making sure communities everywhere are are educated on Water Safety should be a requirement. PTA within all different levels of school need to get involved within this topic.

New Jersey just implemented a law that requires all of the schools in the state to teach the kids about water safety within their educational programs. This gives both the teachers and the students a chance to educate themselves on all things water safety, which is a huge step in the right direction. This should be a requirement within all schools throughout the entire country.

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