Making a Big Splash with a Game Changing Product

This 2020 year has certainly been a roller coaster ride. Families were forced to accommodate an entirely new home dynamic for work and school. Saturday brunch with friends became a foreign notion and first dates oddly started over FaceTime. Grandparents missed out on hugs from their loved ones and were left to figure out a new digital communication channel. Most small businesses have been forced to totally restructure their business model or shut down completely. Perseverance and creativity are imperative to survive, as well as to thrive moving forward for companies.

At KISO Swim School, there has been just that. With their rented facility remaining closed and no end in site, KISO Swim School decided to shut down the physical venue indefinitely at the end of July and focus on Swim Mobiles, which provide in-home private instruction. Given the current state of affairs, this option was very attractive to families for overall safety and efficiency. The high demand was a positive change and marking the Fall Season as "Fully Booked", never felt so good.

Yet, there was still more to be done in terms of the swimming education outreach. How could KISO Swim School make a bigger and broader impact? This year was unlike any other. There has been an enormous shift to virtual learning, increased drowning rates doubling from 2019 and a 160% rise on home pool construction. These factors were driving forces behind the idea of The Splash Box. With vast experience and success in all aspects of the sport, it was inevitable that this product would be born. The incredible part - The Splash Box goes beyond this, to global water safety education and a new convenience for parents. It is quite literally a game changer.

Through this unique product, The Splash Box delivers more than convenience to your doorstep. Offering three categories, based on age and ability, each box is fully equipped with all the toys, gear and access to award-winning instructional video so you can kick start swimming at home. KISO Swim School carefully created this product to expand the outreach of water safety education and help families to become proactive when it comes to drowning prevention. Boxes are designed for little ones as young as 6 months old and up to 12 years old, providing excellent solutions for families in time management, cost efficiency and overall early development.

This DIY twist on learning to swim integrates fun and safety from home, that is unparalleled to any product on the market. The Splash Box Club Card not only gives customers access to dozens of instructional video, but also to a fun splash pad page where completion certificates and coloring activities for water safety can be downloaded for children.

Working around family schedules for routine drives to a company pool or paying high prices each class is tough. The complete convenience factor and "Parent-Child" activity bonding, makes The Splash Box an extremely fulfilling investment that incorporates swimming as a stress-free addition for families. However, KISO Swim School does state that The Splash Box is a tool for complimenting swim lessons and does not serve as a substitute for professional instruction through formal classes. This product simply gives parents the opportunity to be proactive with drowning prevention or improve stroke technique through The Splash Box.

With much anticipation for the official launch on September 23, 2020, The Splash Box will inevitably change the game in the swimming industry for early development. After all is said, you won't want to miss out on snagging this product when it goes live! To get more information, visit

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