April is Learn-to-Swim Month

KISO Swim School is partnering up with U.S. Masters Swimming and The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation in honor of April promoted as Adult Learn-To-Swim Month. We are offering a free swimming lesson for all adults who want to cross swimming off of their bucket list!

All about U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming is a national nonprofit members organization with membership benefits to nearly 65,000 Masters swimmers across the country. Their benefits include insurance, magazine, events, 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees with direct support to more than 1,500 Masters Swimming clubs and workout groups.

Drowning risks are incredibly high nationwide with about 10 people drowning every day, and the majority of them are adults. The USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation was created with a mission to diminish drowning risks, as financial and educational resources for programs across the country that provide Adult Learn-To-Swim Lessons. KISO Swim School has teamed up with this program to teach a free class for all adult beginners that want to learn this life long skill.

Swimming Stages

As beginners, each participant will have a different range of comfort level with water if you've never had formal lessons or been adapted to the aquatic life. There are 3 main categories you could fall under in this program: a swimmer needing proper stroke technique, a non-swimmer that's comfortable with the water, or a newbie that's fearful of water. It is very common to be anxious or afraid of getting in the water at first if you're just starting out, but this would be a great introductory course to jump in and get swimming, just like celebrity singer, John Legend, at 40 years old!

This Masters program uses U.S. Masters Swimming certified guide by KISO Swim School's professional coaches to help build confidence and progression in swimming. This crash course class teaches basics from the knowledge of water safety to stroke development. Depending on which category you may fall under, a different requirement and approach will be taken to ensure success in the lesson. This free class is a wonderful beginner's course that will lead you towards a new skill through explanation, demonstration, and practice.

Regardless of your experiences and level of expertise, it's never too late to sign up and refine this essential skill. Join us on Saturday, April 6th, 8:00 - 9:00AM for this free swimming lesson open to the community for ages 16+, while getting comfortable in the water and learning stroke development. With a fun Saturday morning atmosphere and an educational lesson, you don't want to miss this memorable opportunity. So tell a friend, spouse or family member and make a splash with us poolside!

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