Pro Swim Nexus - A Global Connection

With the world adapting to a busier schedule and online education becoming the new craze, KISO Swim School is excited to launch its Pro Swim Nexus - A Global Connection in January 2019!

Pro Swim Nexus is a program that allows all ages and ability levels to receive the swimming education they need from anywhere in the world. With an interactive platform incorporating a personal online swim coach, clients now have the flexibility to swim from any place, while improving your skill level at any time. This allows swimmers to go at their own pace in the comfort of their busy lifestyles.


Pro Swim Nexus has four skill levels ranging from beginner to elite, making it a perfect fit for everyone. From learning how to swim to preparing to compete, Pro Swim Nexus has a plan for every lifestyle and ability level.

You can learn about water adaption and safety for yourself or to teach your child on the Beginner Plan. Advancing onward, learn stroke development and proper technique throughout our Silver Plan. If you are ready for more of a challenge, upgrade to our Gold and Elite Plans for more detailed drills, speed tips and workouts created for each individual. Every plan comes with live conference chat sessions, in addition to detailed instructional videos for your personalized coaching experience.

Whether you are a busy bee or a shy beginner, we have a plan fit for you.


With Pro Swim Nexus being completely virtual, you can swim, train, and learn anywhere in the world. All you need is a pool or body of water and internet access. Whether you are on vacation, working remotely or parenting, you can do this anywhere and at any time to fit your daily routine.

Clients do not have to live in the U.S. to utilize Pro Swim Nexus. You can live anywhere in the world! Swimming education is invaluable and your schedule or location will not impact the education you deserve.


Each plan integrates live video chat with your own personal coach that is designed around your schedule. During these sessions you will receive customized tips and instructions on how to improve your swimming skill level, no matter your ability.

Since Pro Swim Nexus is completely virtual, you do not have to reserve a time with a coach in order to swim. This works with busy lifestyles and makes it easier for you to train and learn on your own time without worrying about other schedules. You will always have access to the information and workouts given to you along with video chat sessions with your coach.

Find out which plan is best for you today and get started on your New Year's Resolutions with Pro Swim Nexus!

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