Staying In Shape On The Go

We have all come to the difficult realization that there aren't enough hours in the day. Due to this, it can be a challenge to keep our exercise routine at the top of our priority list. Whether it is a vacation, a business trip, or just a busy day of work, it becomes difficult going to or even finding a pool to get a solid workout in. However, there are many other beneficial options that with even just ten minutes, can make a difference in your fitness.


Most hotels and gyms have an elliptical or treadmill. These are accessible and easy to use with low impact.

The elliptical is great for getting in cardio and working leg and arm muscles. This allows swimmers to maintain the fitness while changing it up. The elliptical is a mix of a stair stepper and treadmill and can be used to move both forwards and backwards. For a harder elliptical workout, maintain an 80 RPM with a higher intensity. For an easier workout, stay at 80 RPM, but a low intensity.

The treadmill is also easy to use, just climb on, hit start, and run! You can change your speed and incline as you go. Start off with an easy 10 minutes and go from there. Running is great for cardio and working upper and lower leg muscles. If you don't have a treadmill or elliptical, just grab a pair of shoes and hit the roads.


The newest trend for fitness is yoga. You work on flexibility, core strengthening, and clearing your mind. For days where you just want to relax, yoga is perfect. With soothing stretches you give your muscles a break and allow them time to recover, while you continue to improve them. Four essential yoga poses can be found here through Swim Swam.

It is important to work your muscles in and out of the pool and to give your mind a rest. Many places offer free yoga lessons on certain days and you can find videos online. You don't even need a yoga mat, just grab a towel and set up in your living room.

Pro Swim Nexus (COMING SOON)

We are excited to offer online coaching come early 2019 through our Pro Swim Nexus program. With this, you will be able to receive expert advice and workouts as well as having the ability to go international. With video chatting for advice, personalized workouts, and videos demonstrating what to do, this is great for on the go or the busy bee who can't make it to a scheduled practice time. Whether you are new to the sport or training for a meet, Pro Swim Nexus can provide you with a quality training plan just for you.

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