Why Swim?

Swimming is undoubtedly a great sport for you or your child to engage in while building life long skills and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it fun, but it offers a wide range of benefits incorporating physical, mental, and social aspects.


Swimming, like any sport, has huge physical benefits. It improves endurance, strength, and flexibility, key to a healthy body. Unlike any other aerobic activity, swimming does not subject the athlete to nearly as much gravity and thus significantly relieves pressure on bones and joints. However, because water is denser than air, it puts more evenly distributed external pressure on the limbs, creating an ideal full body workout. Just 30 minutes of steady swimming can burn over 200 calories, making it one of the highest calorie burning activities while engaging the legs, back, core, and arms. This makes it a great activity for weight loss, muscle building, and an overall increase in fitness level.

Furthermore, working out horizontally is able to counteract some of the effects of hunching vertically at school or work all day, while simultaneously relieving pressure on the back and helping improve posture outside of the pool. Swimming has also been proven to decrease and prevent asthma, decrease snoring, and improve lung capacity. Compared to other sports, swimming puts much less stress on the body while producing just as many cardiovascular, endurance, and strength advantages to the athlete.


Beyond the physical aspects, swimming is a excellent way to improve mental health. Studies show it releases stress and tension because of increased oxygen to the brain with the regulation of breaths it requires. Simply having to focus on the immersion in water, rhythm of breathing, and concentrating on stroke technique can relieve the mind of other stress and create a feeling of ease. With the great stresses of everyday life, swimming is an excellent form of escape, providing a refreshing, relaxing outlet for anyone.

Participating in swimming can also help establish goal setting skills and the ability to focus on the process of improvement. These skills are crucial to a positive, forward thinking state of mind. Alongside its physical benefits, swimming is able to increase self esteem and improve confidence. A healthy body and mind go hand in hand, and building a healthier body through swimming produces attributes and skills to take pride in. On the other hand, not everything comes easily, and the challenge of swimming is able build mental endurance and increases the ability to tolerate intensity. This improved self discipline and mental strength can translate into all aspects of life, helping form strong, empowered individuals, capable of great aspirations and achievements in and out of the water.


Another key benefit to swimming is the social aspect. Almost anyone can agree that swimming is fun, and fun brings people together. Participating in swim lessons is a great way for children to meet others with similar interests and gain friends while forming solid communication and interactive skills. If involved with a swim team or club, swimming gives experience with teamwork, as well teaches the spirit of competitiveness and good sportsmanship. Beyond just swim lessons, pools are a prime area for social activities and gatherings with friends and family. Without a solid foundation in swimming, it easy to miss out on pool parties, trips to the beach, boating, and a plethora of other water related social events found so often in Florida. Swimming is not only a way to create new friendships, but form positive social skills for a lifetime and connect with others in a fun, positive environment.

Whether looking to build a healthier body, improve mental health, or benefit socially, swimming is the way to go! With its unique advantages over other physical activities, it is truly the ideal way to better oneself in every aspect. The reasons to swim are endless, so dive in!



Swimming World Magazine


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