Welcome! We are excited for our families to meet all of our friends, whom they will see in our swim classes. These are some of KISO the Dolphin's closest buddies and they make learning fun by helping teach safety and swim skills. Scroll down to get a jump start and find out what special learning tool each sea pal has. You can also see if you can practice their important skills at home before joining us poolside. We can't wait to make a splash with you!

Harold the Hermit Crab

Harold teaches us how fun the aquatic life is. He shows us how we also have a home at KISO Swim School, no matter what shell ... or group we are in.

Bob the Blowfish

You will see Bob in our Starfish Level Class. He helps us learn how to blow our cheeks up like a balloon, seal our lips and go under water. This skill is very important to help prevent swallowing water for the little kiddos. It's also the first step in the breathing progressions. The cool part is you can practice this skill with your family anytime or anywhere.

Dawn the Dolphin

Dawn is very special. She is the closest friend of KISO the Dolphin. She teaches us the art of kicking in an up and down motion, as if we have fins. There are two kicks that Dawn shows us in almost every level. There is Flutter Kick, where your legs are straight and move separately. Then there is Butterfly Kick (aka Dolphin Kick), where your knees bend slightly and your legs move together. 

Sally the Starfish

Sally is introduced in our Water Adaption & Safety Levels. She teaches us how to stretch out our arms and legs to the side, tilt our chin to the sky and show off our belly button to float on your back. This is a pivotal water safety skill that every person in your family should know. Have fun practicing this "Starfish Float" in the bathtub or on your bed.

Finn the Fish

Finn joins us in the Water Adaption & Safety Levels. Here he teaches us how to blow bubbles out our mouth, which is the next step in our breathing progressions. This is a skill that helps the body relax while learning to swim. It is an important skill to learn so we don't swallow water as well. You can have fun practicing this skill in the bathtub with mom and dad.

Sam the Sea Turtle

We find Sam the Sea Turtle in all of our Water Adaption & Safety Classes. He helps teach us to use our fins to glide smoothly through the water. He is one cool dude and likes to keep things relaxed for this skill. It's important to stay relaxed while gliding to get as far as possible.

Ollie the Octopus

You will meet Ollie the Octopus in the Seahorse and Sea Turtle Class Levels. He will help us learn how to use our arms to pull for the first time and begin to swim. You can practice your big arm circles around the house to prepare for swim class. This is an important skill as independent swimming starts to happens.

Wally the Whale

Wally is introduced in our Stroke Development Levels. The skill he teaches us is the last step of the breathing progressions. By humming underwater, we learn from Wally that you can shoot air out of your nose to ensure water does not go up. He works with more advanced swimmers as this is a skill combined with blowing bubbles out your mouth to effectively and easily swim.

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