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Meet KISO, the friendly dolphin! 

(pronounced: KEE-SO)




Our aquatic friend comes from the ocean below,
He shares his magical story for everyone to know.

Though KISO is now grown and Captain of the sea,
His story dates back before he found confidence is key.

As a young dolphin KISO wanted to swim like his dad,
However, he could not kick well which made him very sad. 

While the other young dolphins left swim school to go play,
KISO was not included and returned straight home each day.

It was with much encouragement from his father and mother,
That KISO trained extra hard and was soon swimming like no other.

Now with a dolphin kick that could win any race,
KISO found confidence in hard work that put him first place.

He taught other sea creatures his secret to success,
You must believe in yourself and give your absolute best.

Now the friendly dolphin brings excitement to our pools,
Where learning to swim is fun at KISO Swim School!



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And keep your eyes open for surprise visits from

KISO the Dolphin!