We are always keeping our curriculum current with new research and are excited to offer our members the most effective teaching methods for success. Below are the levels of the Learn-to-Swim Program, each of which are catered to the needs of that ability. The coaches are constantly assessing skills of the client and updating the tracking in our system, which you may find under your account. Once an individual has successfully passed all skills of a level, they are marked as passed and given a certificate of completion. 

Seahorse Level

Average Ages: 2-4 years old

For children that have been adapted to the movement in water, KISO Swim School focuses on teaching safety skills, imperative for any child to survive in the water. There is no parent in the pool for this level, as we enforce independence at this level. Children are also prepared to learn the foundations of swimming. This particular level is for average 2 - 4 years old and child must have prior water adaption experience in order to join the class.

Skills Taught: Blowing bubbles, jumping in full submersion, floating on back, kicking independently, head position and Freestyle arm pull

Sea Turtle Level

Average Ages: 3-6 years old


For a bit older children that are starting out from the beginning and have had no formal lessons. KISO Swim School focuses on teaching safety skills, imperative for any child to survive in the water. We enforce independence at this level through a gentle approach. Children also learn the foundations of swimming with more detailed drills to prepare for stroke development. Building endurance while maintaining technique is a strong focus at this level.

Skills Taught: Humming bubbles, jumping in for deep submersion, floating on back, kicking independently, proper head & body position and Freestyle pull & push.

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