We are always keeping our curriculum current with new research and are excited to offer our members the most effective teaching methods for success. Below are the levels of the Stroke Development Program, each of which are catered to the needs of that ability. The coaches are constantly assessing skills of the client and updating the tracking in our system, which you may find under your account. Once an individual has successfully passed all skills of a level, they are marked as passed and given a certificate of completion. 

Adult Starters

Average Ages: 18 years old & up

This beginner level is geared toward our older clientele taking swim classes for the first time. Our coaches will help each individual become comfortable in the water to learn water safety skills and the foundations of swimming Freestyle. The level will also introduce the basics of Backstroke.

Skills Taught: Breathing progressions, full submersion, floating on back, kicking independently, head/body position, Freestyle arm pull & push and Backstroke kick

Swimming Dynamics

Average Ages: 18 years old & up


This level focuses on full stroke mechanics for adults to become more involved with the sport as a routine activity or possibly prepare for a swimming event. It is very detailed with Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke technique, teaching more complex drills, as well as implementing video analysis. The Breaststroke kick and pull is a large portion of the learning at this level. Flip turns and racing starts are also introduced by request.

Skills Taught: Freestyle propulsion, Backstroke head & body position, Backstroke pull & push, Breaststroke kick and arm pull.


Average Ages: 18 years old & up

This level is geared towards advanced swimmers that wish to magnify the mechanics of their stroke technique for improvement or that are looking for endurance training for an event. This level is customized to the individual's end goal and includes practice with resistance gear, as well as video analysis. 

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